Toddler Program: 
Carefully designed for children 15mo-2.9 yrs. The toddler stage is an exciting period of growth for children. They explore their environment using their five senses. They are the center of their universe and their world revolves arounf them!!Our caring staff seek to provide the children with choices, limits, and activities to encourage their natural curiosity.
Three's Program:
Learning in our three's program is centered around fun thematic units. Some of our exciting topics are: All About Me, School Is Fun, Fall, Dinosaurs, ABC 123, and many more.Our environment encourages children to develop a sense of independence and to explore materials and the world around them! We value them as individuals by listeneing to them when they speak and by allowing them to express ideas and feelings.
Four's Program:
Our Pre-K program is designed for children to become familiar with basic educational concepts through hand's on activities and teacher directed academic skills time. Developmentally appropriate activities that children build upon throughout the year will build self confidence, promote positive self image, encourage appropriate social skills, and develop reading, writing, math, language and perception skills.
Pre K/Kindergarten:
Our Pre K/Kindergarten program uses the language development program: Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen.It contains and correlates reading, handwriting, auditory, and oral language skills. This program is carefully structured so that every concept is taught in sequence; each new skill that is introduced builds upon skills already learned. Learning to appreciate literature is an important part of Beginning. With each new book, children will listen to a story or poem while looking at illustrations in the letterbook. After each letterbook is completed parents will receive a letter suggesting several books that are readily available in local libraries.
In addition to Beginning our program focuses on Math, Science, ans Social Studies using fun thematic units. Some interesting topics are: All About Me, Jobs People Do, Animals Around the World, The Rainforest, Volcanos and Precious Stones, The Solar System, and Weather.
Circle Time: All groups begin the day with circle time. Children and teachers gather together to discuss important topics such as: attendance, weather, and calendar. Children engage in music and movement, songs, and fingerplays. Language skills are enhanced as stories are read and discussed amongst children and teachers. The relaxed atmosphere encourages children to join in group discussion.
School-Aged(ages 6-8):provide before/after school care, as well  summer camp fun!!!